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How Societal Nomes are Affective Women Reproductive Health in Africa

Sex isn’t going nowhere and this is a fact whichever your religion. Even though most of us don’t actually love to talk about unwanted pregnancies and abortion, they will still happen no matter what. Kenyan
women are faced with difficult choices especially when the subject of abortion is concerned.

If not prosecution, its societal judgmental attitude and religious hypocrisy they have to deal with. To hide from this they opt for ways that are painful, dangerous and uncomfortable just to make their
abortions secret. These are the most common practices.

Drinking sisal juice
As a kid I remember once playing with that beefy juicy sisal plant. Accidentally i rubbed the juice on to my skin. You can’t imagine how the rest of the day ended. Therefore to imagine a woman taking several
cups of the same is shocking if not absurd. Most end up dead or nursing life changing complications, but importantly it never works so ladies just stay away from this.

Putting pepper up her vagina
The reasoning behind this is that when the pepper irritates the internal vaginal tissue the cervix. The cervix will open up expelling the fetus. Ladies, no offence but do you this can work? Hell no. instead you end up with a very sore vagina considering it is a sensitive place and other complications to deal with.

Taking livestock medication
Animal and human drugs act differently and are usually in different dosages. Therefore thinking you are safe with an animal drug is a false sense of security. The result will be you dead or minus your uterus
and lifetime of complications to deal with. Not to mention the guilt you will have to content with in the eyes of the society.

Applying pressure on the lower abdomen
There is a community in the rift valley where it is a very bad idea for a woman to be pregnant out of wedlock. Since you unties will have to sit on your little belly in turns until the fetus out of pity for the mums suffering will decide to come out. You can’t imagine what other set of complications this will bring.

Running down a steep hill
This is like drinking poison and hope it won’t kill you. The thinking is that by running the pressure in the abdomen will be too much that fetus will just come out. What you tend to forget you are not a bloated cow wanting to get rid of excess gas in the abdomen. Plain and simple it won’t work and has never worked.

Putting leech up her vagina

This mostly happens in women who live near water bodies. The thinking is that the leech will bite the cervix until the irritation caused it to open. This definitely can’t work. You will only be left nursing nasty infections and a sore cervix.

Probing her vagina with knitting needles and sharp objects
I remember as a student it took me some while to correctly perform a bimanual virginal examination and locating the cervix was let’s said the trickiest. Therefore to probe your vagina with something sharp
in order pierce through cervix is simply out of this world. However most women prefer to do this. The result is always infections, hemorrhage, permanent injuries and death

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