How to send money into First Community Bank using Mpesa

First Community bank, also FCB is a commercial bank in kenya that is licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya and regulated by the National Bank regulator to offer financial solutions. It is among the few banks who adhere to the Islamic Sharia law.

Since it’s establishment in early 2000s, it has been a pioneer provider of a number of banking needs in East African Community.

It has recently made its services easier through the use of Mpesa. It’s customers can deposit, withdraw, pay bills, view balance and many more with a single click.

In the past, it was a daunting task from the long bank queues and elongated processing time but all that has been simplified using a cost effective, fast, safe and convenient mobile money, Mpesa.

FCB only uses 919700 as the paybill number. It’s simple if you have an FCB bank account and a registered safaricom line.

Here are the simple steps to follow when depositing money into your account using Mpesa:

1. Go to your Mpesa menu and select Lipa na Mpesa

2. Select the paybill option

3. Enter business number 919700

4. Enter your First Community bank account number

5. Enter the amount of money you need to deposit. Ensure it does not exceed Kshs 70,000 per transaction

6. Enter your Mpesa pin

7. Ensure the information you provided is correct before sending

8. Confirm your transaction by selecting cancel on the Mpesa Hakikisha notification and send 1 if you need to stop it

9. You will receive a confirmation from Mpesa and FCB regarding your successful transaction

For more information on banking or your account issues, you can call the customer service on 0725843000/0202843000 or email at or

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