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How to withdraw money from Skrill Account to Mpesa

Skrill, is a form of money payment and transfer for people who work online. It has not been on the market for a long time but is in great competition with PayPal.

Skrill has made it easier for you to withdraw money from your Skrill Account using mobile money transfer, Mpesa. In the past, it had the option of transferring money into a bank account and that would take a longer time to access your money.

Mpesa transactions are easy, fast, safe and convenient. You do not have to worry about bank queues or restricted banking hours. It does not limit you on time no matter where you are.

Here are the steps to follow when withdrawing money from your Skrill Account to mpesa:

1. Register for Skrill Account and link it with the Mpesa number you need to withdraw funds to

2. Log into your Skrill official page and move money into your Mpesa account

3. Change value for the country field you are sending money to

4. Enter the amount of money you need to withdraw. Skrill will automatically convert the money into the required currency,Kenya shillings

5. Enter the recipients it your Mpesa details

6. Continue to Skrill if you are not logged in. You will be prompted to log in and Skrill will provide you with the available balance details to know how much to transact

7. Confirm all the details you provided are accurate

8. You can confirm your transaction by entering your date of birth then send

9. You will receive immediate notification on Skrill page, an email and Mpesa message of your successful transaction

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