List of top registered Neurosurgeons in Kenya

Neurosurgeons are specialists with knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of complications and disorders of the spine and brain by surgery. Neurosurgery as a specialty deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders.

Neurosurgeons deals with disorders such as brain tumor,head injuries, and spina bifida, spinal cord injuries, hydrocephalus, and encephaloceles. They mostly deal with correcting neurosurgical problems through surgery.

In kenya, there are less than 20 registered Neurosurgeons which is unfortunate as they are not able to cover the needs of an entire nation.

Here is a list of neurosurgeons in kenya and where to find them:

1. Dr. Kaburi Simon Kanja

Address: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors plaza

Contacts: 020 2733221

2 . Dr. Florentius Koech

Contacts: 0735864169

3. Dr. Reuben Paul Lubanga

Address: KNH Doctors Plaza, and suite No 6, Hurlingham Medical Centre Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi

Contacts: 020 2726300

4. Dr. Hooker Juzar

Address: 4th Floor, Doctors Plaza, Aga Khan Hoapital

Contacts:020 3744256

5. Dr. John K. Boore

Address: KNH Doctors Plaza, Suite 7/8

Contacts: 0722393238/ 07002066365

6. Dr. Peter Gichuru Mwangi

Address: MP Shah Hospital Dinesh Chandaria Medical Centre S2, KNH Doctors Plaza, Suite 39

Contacts: 0723550489

Email: docmwangi@hotmail.com

7. Dr. Samuel Njiru

Address: KNH Doctors Plaza, 3ed Floor suite 50, Nairobi

Contacts: 0722390213/ 0708008046

8. Dr. Peter Kamau Wanyoike

Address: BSR Parkland off Kimura Road

Contacts: 0770277277

Email: info@bsr.co.ke

9. Dr. David Livingstone Oluoch Olunga

Address: Consultant neurosurgeon Lecturer in department of Surgery College of health services University of Nairobi

10. Dr. Nimrod Juniors Mwangombe

Address: Department of Surgery College of Health sciences, University of Nairobi

Contacts: 0722523160/ 0736222191

Email: nimrod@uonbi.ac.ke

11. Dr. Mahmood Qureshi

Address: Chairman Neurological Society of Kenya

12. Dr. Gregory Kaloki Mulunga

13. Dr. Charles Mwangi Kingori

14. Dr. Kiboi Julius Githinji

Contacts: 0720498015/ 020 3740471

15. Dr. Gilbert adogo Maranya

Address:Mombasa Trade Centre, Phase 2, 2nd floor, Nkrumah Road, Mombasa

Contacts: 041 2223856

16. Dr. Musau C. K

Address: The Nairobi Hospital, doctors Plaza 2nd floor room 212

Contacts: 0722512740

17. Prof.Gerishom Mudanya Sande

Address: Nairobi the Neurological & Pain clinic, Aga Khan University Hospital, Doctors Plaza, 3rd floor

Contacts: 020 3741536

18. Dr.Kioy G. Paul

Address: Upper Hill medical Centre, 5th floor

Contacts: 020 272721

19. Dr. Mochoge M. O

Address: Rongo District Hospital

Contacts: 0729951144

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