List of Top Waste Management Companies in Kenya

Proper sanitation and good waste management are the most essential aspects of a healthy people and environment. Poor disposal of waste will always lead to health problems and you will not be comfortable to breathe the contaminated air right? To prevent this, you need to manage your waste effectively to keep your area clean.

However, you don’t need to go through all the hassle when you can get all these services with professional waste management staff from companies that are highly recognized due to their quality work. They ensure your home, business, factories; hospital areas are clean and conducive by their proper waste management. You can simply call or visit them and they will collect your garbage, sort it and dispose accordingly or even recycle.

Here is a list of companies whose waste management services are on another level. They guarantee a clean environment and affordable services at all times. They include:

  1. Kamongo Waste Paper Ltd
    This is a cost effective, reliable and convenient waste management company that ensures your garbage is collected n time in the most appropriate way. They not only manage but also recycle. Have a number of branches in Nakuru, Eldoret, Nairobi and Mombasa.
    Contacts: 0792410410
    Email: info@kamongo.co.ke
  2. BINS Nairobi Services Limited
    They re a private company that ensures all your garbage needs are taken care of at any time at affordable prices. They manage waste by collecting and disposing effectively to give you a clean environment either on residential, company, factory or business places.
    Address: Ricky Road, Nairobi
    Contacts: 020-8042124
  3. Waste Africa Kenya Ltd
    They are experienced in waste management and collection services. They dispose waste in selected areas to sort and recycle. They offer general waste management services for local household or commercial areas at affordable prices.
    Address: Vision Plaza, 3rd Floor, Suite 8A, Mombasa Road
    Contacts: 0734975411
  4. Plenser Limited
    This is an effective and convenient company with experience in waste management using waste incinerators which are not common to many to give you an odorless and clean environment. They mostly deal with bulk waste from hospitals, factories but also residential.
    Address: Saku Business Park, North Airport Slip Road, Nairobi
    Contacts: 0700128141
  5. Garbage.com
    It is a popular company that deals with all your garbage collection, other waste management services as well as recycling. Their integrated techniques help to minimize waste and dispose it effectively to fit the needs of their customers.
    Address: Industrial Area, Nairobi
    Contacts: 0721265700
    Email: service@garbage.co.ke
  6. Taka Taka Solutions
    It is an all round waste management company that collects households, factories and business places. Their waste is sorted for dumping and recycling. It far has the highest recycling rates in Kenya and beyond as they do it themselves.
    Address: Laikipia Town Houses No2, Laikipia Road, Nairobi
    Contacts: 0708276201
    Email: info@takatakasolutions.com
  7. Zoa Taka Ltd
    It is a premier company whose services include garbage collection and disposal, waste management, landscaping, gardening and suppliers of bins, bags and liners. They collect both residential, business and industrial waste at affordable prices.
    Address: Falcon Road, Nairobi
    Contacts: 0725048420
  8. Tranbiz Solutions Kenya Ltd
    They are known to provide medical, hazardous, electronic and pharmaceutical waste management services. They collect and manage waste from hospitals, residential homes and factories in an effective way for a better environment
    Address: Industrial Area Enterprise Road, Nairobi
    Contacts: 0723328551
    Email: info@tranbiz.co.ke
  9. Mason services ltd
    This is a well known company whose services include general waste management services, pest control as well as cleaning. They ensure your waste whether residential, factory or business is disposed effectively.
    Address: RBS Gardens, Keiyo Road, Parklands, Nairobi
    Contacts: +254 02 3752142/3/5
  10. Colnet Limited
    These are popular when it comes to industrial and domestic waste collection, pest control, cleaning services and fumigation. They dispose of waste in an effective way to meet the healthy standards of their customers.
    Address: 2nd Floor, Enterprise Centre, Addis Ababa Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi
    Contacts: 0721844168

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