Mwananchi Credit transforming lives with its products

When Mwananchi Credit won the in vogue Automotive Sector Excellence Award for logbook loans in Kenya in 2019, this moonlighted the transformative initiative the Ecobank Towers located financial institution has had for the past 19 years. Making dreams come true with loan and insurance products in Kenya. 

Although we often associate this tag with Disney movies for children, it’s rarely on the end product of a loan providing institutions like Mwananchi Credit. It’s one of the few financial service providers that will grant a loan facility to an individual or organization without taking any deposits from them.

It is important to repeat that other than your security and your ability to pay back your loan, Mwananchi Credit will give you a loan facility to help your dreams come true without taking a deposit from you.

“Although many Kenyans have loan worthy securities, they’re often locked out from getting finances they can afford by traditional deposit taking organizations such as banks,” says Dennis Mombo a director at the organization.

“As an investor in people, Mwananchi Credit will give you a loan in record time like 6 hours against valid securities like land titles deeds, car log books, verified cheques, LPOs from reputable organizations, salaries, etc.”

Apart from logbook loans in Kenya, Mwananchi Credit provides loans on LPOs, invoice discounting, emergency/salary loans, and newly introduced weekend loans among others. 

Visit their website to learn more about their financial services offerings.

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