Top 10 construction Companies in Kenya

Choosing a construction company that reaches the guaranteed quality and efficiency from a wide range of companies may be a tough task. This is because, you may find they all promise to deliver the best services to meet your desire and at the same time affordable. With the increased interest of everyone in need of a classy and long-lasting home, there is need to select the best company that will not only deliver but falls within their budget.

In Kenya alone, there are a large number of construction companies which make it a challenge to select the best for your construction needs. Fortunately, it does not have to be as daunting as this article will give you a good idea where to start in your selection journey with our top choices. These include:

  1. Seyani Bros
    Seyani Brothers construction Ltd is a leading company with expertise in general building construction here in Kenya. Since its founding in the late 1970s, by two enterprising and ambitious brothers, it has been popular for its quality work as well as their on-time delivery status. They work on deadlines and ensure your work surpasses your expectations.
    Their interest in learning more from well established contractors had an impact on their growth and as per now, they are among the famous constrictors on demand. They have expanded their company into departments in steel fabrication, stone cutting and carpentry ready to build your house with the finest materials.
  2. Put Sarajevo
    It is far the most environmentally friendly construction company which deals with engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance. They are in over 3 continents and strive to deliver affordable and timely construction. As they construct, they save resources by having the future in mind. They mostly recycle and conserve t natural resources. It is a step higher as they have embraced the use of efficient energy to reduce carbon footprints. Their work is of quality as well as their concern on the natural resources and human health.
  3. Intex Construction
    Since its establishment in 1982, it has worked hard to deliver all round contracts from construction, civil engineering, building as well as real estate development in success. It has the ability to deliver even the complex construction projects which has earned it the more contracts from prestigious firms as well as the government.
    It is well known for the development of the Kapsabet Sewerage project, Nairobi Airport –Athi River Road of 1976 and other road and water construction projects across East Africa.
  4. Cementers Ltd
    Cementer is one of the construction companies who believe in teamwork. The great staff ensures your work is handled effectively. They have a great team of contractors, suppliers and consultants. They give you plan ideas and develop it into what you expected with the director fully involved. Their success story has been witnessed for over 30 years and still growing with their services sought every day.
  5. Associated Construction
    It is one of the most popular construction companies in East Africa. Having branches in Uganda and Nairobi Kenya, you are sure to get quality work for all your building needs. For over 20 years in operation, they are striving to become environmentally friends, quality, cost effective and effective contractors who deliver on time.
    Most of their expertise is in railways, marine works, bridges and highway construction. They were the first contractors to construct a 149-meter suspension bridge. They are the best at what they do.
  6. Epco builders
    It is a certified and registered company that deals with all your construction services from residential to commercial, industries, warehouses, and water, road and sewerage lines. It handles all your construction services at a specified time frame. Their quality is recommended at any given time.
  7. Landmark Holdings
    Since its establishment in 1999, it has come a long way to be the best construction companies in Kenya. It was awarded the construction Excellence Award in 2014. Over the years, it has invested in quality work and timely deliveries with a good history of having completed several buildings both commercial and personal, infrastructure and civil engineering across East Africa. So far, their experience and expertise is on the other level.
  8. Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd
    Since its development in 1953, it has been the best company since with the use of innovative ideas and technology in its projects from schools, banks, towers and any other retail or home construction. With a cooperative and expertise team, you are sure they will create what you need from commercial to industrial buildings on time and at your convenience.
  9. Nyoro Construction Company
    It was established in 1983 and deals with various projects from construction of infrastructure to real estate. They have been recognized by the government for being the best construction company with accredited contractor to handle works with value in excess of Ksh. 1.2 Billion. They have in the past handled complex projects and they all came out successful.
  10. Shinen Ltd
    It is a company that deals with general construction projects including building, remodeling, renovations and civil engineering. They have a lot of expertise in the construction side to handle even the complex projects at affordable price.

Other construction companies include:
Rhombus Construction
• Lee Construction Ltd
• Zakhem International

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